Bodybuilding - Why Too Much Pain Brings Little Gain

The phrase, ‘No Pain, No Gain’, is synonymous with bodybuilding.  It has been widely believed for years that in order to buff your body you need to suffer a degree of discomfort.  This may be true if you are Rambo, Conan The Barbarian or in the cast of Predator, but if you are Joe Public’, you can take it a little easier.  Let’s face it not many of us have to wrestle with aliens in everyday life. In order to build muscle mass safely, we need to understand what happens to our body during weight lifting sessions.

Anaerobic Respiration

You may remember anaerobic respiration from your biology lessons at school.  This occurs when not enough oxygen reaches your muscles during exercise. Lactic acid is produced and your muscles get fatigued.  If you hold your arm up in the air for a while it will start to hurt, this is caused by the buildup of lactic acid.  Anaerobic respiration causes an oxygen debt because glucose in the muscles isn’t completely broken down.  We need to take in more oxygen to pay back the oxygen debt - this is why we get breathless when doing a workout.

Resistance Is Not Futile

When you participate in resistance exercises small tears appear in your muscles.  This is perfectly normal, as the muscles get stronger and bigger as they repair.  If your workout is too vigorous your muscles will become very painful and will take much longer to recover.  A good workout maintains a suitable balance between pain and muscle development.  If you are too goal oriented and push your body too far all you will achieve is strained and ruptured muscles as opposed to the ripped body you desire.

Why Rest Is Important

After a good workout your muscles will be feeling tired and strained. If you choose to do further training during this time you will cause more damage to your muscles.  It is therefore important that you rest so that your muscles can build up and recover.  Exercising every other day would be a simple solution.  If you wish to go to the gym everyday then working on different parts of your body on alternative days will allow muscles to rest.  


If you would like to have more advice on gaining as much muscle as you can from your workout without suffering too much pain call in to Palace Fitness and we would be happy to help.